Matthew 28:19? or Act 2:38? 
                          or Both?


            In Matthew 28;19 Yahoshua said to go and teach all NATIONS baptizing in the Name of the 
          father, and the son, and the Qodesh Spirit.  Some people believe that they used the words 
          father, and son, and Qodesh Spirit. But Yahoshua said in the ( NAME ).  Is father a name? 
          or is son a name?  or is Qodesh Spirit a name?  NO they are not names.  So what did he mean? 
          Lets take a look at what he did mean.  If we look into the real name of the father we will 
          find that his name is Yahweh or some spell it YHWH.  But we see that the father has a 
          name and it is not ( father ).  We can also check and see that the son's name is Yahoshua 
          This is his real name not Jesus as we have all been told.  Yahoshua told his disciples that 
          his father was going to send a conforter.  In John 14:26 Yahoshua told his disciples, But 
          the conforter ( Which is the Qodesh Spirit ) Whom the father will send in MY NAME he 
          shall teach you all things, And bring all thing to your remembrance,  Whatsoever I have 
          said unto you.  Now we see that the Qodesh Spirit has a name.  The same name as Yahoshua 
          Now in Matthew 16:13 Yahoshua ask his disciples who does the people say that I am?  In 
          Matthew 16:14 his disciples said some say you are John the Baptist and some say Elisa, 
          and some say Jeremias, or one of the prophets.  But in Matthew 16:15 he ask his disciples 
          who they say he is?  In Matthew 16:16 Simon Peter said thou art the Messiah the son of 
          Yahweh.  Matthew 16:17  And Yahoshua said unto him, Blessed art thou Simon Barjona, 
          for flash and blood hath not revealed this unto thee,  But the father which is in Heaven. 
          Matthew 16:18 And Yahoshua said unto him Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build 
          my Assembly and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  Matthew 16:19 And I will give 
          unto to thee the keys of the kingdom of Heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth 
          shall be bound in Heaven:   And whatsoever thou shalt loose on Earth shall be loosed in 
          Heaven.  Now we find that Yahoshua has given Peter the keys to the kingdom of Heaven. 
          In Acts 2:1 we find that the feast of Pentecost had come and the disciples and some other 
          people were in a upper room seeking Yahweh.  And the Qodesh Spirit fell and they all were 
          filled with the Qodesh Spirit and began to speak with other tongues. Now after this happened 
          they went into the streets and the people heard them.  And they were all amazed because 
          they heard them all speak in their own language.  And there were people there from all 
        Nations.  Now ( Peter stood up with the REST of the disciples )and began to talk.  And when 
          he had finished talking, the people were pricked in their hearts and asked them what they 
          must do to be saved.  Here is where Peter used the keys to the kingdom to 
          unlock the door for people to receive the Qodesh Spirit.  In Acts 2:38 he said to the people 
        THE QODESH SPIRIT. Acts 2:39  For the promise is unto you, and to your children and to all 
          that are afar off,  even as many as Yahweh shall call.  Here is where the name comes in. 
          Peter had just fulfilled Matthew 28:19 teaching all NATIONS to be baptized in the name of the 
          father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit.  That name being Yahoshua. The Father's name 
          is Yah and the son's name is Yah.  Yahoshua means Yahweh's salvation that is how we are 
          baptized in the name.  People were baptized in the name of Yahoshua all through the book 
          of Acts. Peter used the keys again in Acts 10:34 when he preach the words of Yahoshua to 
          the Gentiles and the Gentiles received the Qodesh Spirit.  And in Acts 10:48 the Gentiles being 
          commanded to be baptized in the name of Yahoshua.  Peter had just unlocked the door for 
          the Gentiles.  Now we have found that Yahoshua had given Peter the keys to the kingdom 
          of Heaven.  And Peter had obeyed Yahoshua's commandment of Matthew 28:19.