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    Here are some articles I hope you will enjoy .
       These are not put on here to offend any one but to
       try to help people understand the Sacred Names
       of Yahweh and Yahshua.  And why we believe that
       these names should be used when speaking of the
       heavenly father and messiah.


 Why You Should Keep Yahweh's Law

Why I Proclaim The Name Of Yahweh

Why You Should Keep The 7th Day Sabbath

Why I use The Names Yahweh & Yahshua

Matthew 28:19 or Acts 2:38 ?

The Risk Of Not Baptizing Your Children

The Seven Spirits Of Yahweh

Mark, Name And Number Of The Beast

The Beast, False Prophet And Image

Translation Blunders

Fringes A Lesson To Learn

The Murder Of The Unborn Call It What It Is