Abortion is something that bothers me, more than any evil, done in this world. 
The thought of mothers murdering their own unborn children, sickens me.  To me, there is no greater love, other than Yahweh's love, than a mother's love for her children.  Today we are seeing less and less of this beautiful love that mothers should  have.  Most animals will fight to protect their young.  A dog will fight to protect their pack, but human beings are destroying these most innocent and helpless of us all, our unborn children. Truly if they could, they would cry out to live.  So I cry out for them.  Expecting mothers, and all you doctors that are doing this evil thing. Please stop murdering these little children.  The womb is suppose to be a protected place for these tiny human beings to grow and develop.  Just because we can't see them, doesn't make them any less important than any of us.  We were at one time in our mother's womb.

Words such as fetus or abortion are used to cover up the truth.  When the truth is that children are being murdered daily to satisfy selfish motives.

Shame on you parents, who won't help your daughters at a desperate time in their lives.  How could it be so disastrous to help care for a sweet little baby  (your own grandchild) for a few years until your daughter has reached maturity.  People act like, they are going to be in bondage the rest of their lives.  Pity Pity!!!    Your solution is to get an abortion.  But what this really means is; lets kill this baby before it becomes a problem to us!  They are children, not problems!!!!

We will all stand at the judgment seat of Yahshua and confess the deeds done in this flesh.  How will you explain something like this to him?